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ELIO Academy Logo

Mission and Objectives

We are on a mission to inspire, motivate and put young minds on paths of discovery and learning.

Our Goal is to produce leaders for tomorrow who can tackle & solve long standing questions in human health.

Early exposure to knowledge, cutting edge scientific research, technology & access to industry experts provides our students early advantage to build grasp and leap forward to their destinations.

Passion for what we do brings us all together under the umbrella of Elio Academy of Biomedical Sciences and we aspire to put you on your own journey of learning and eventual success.

Tied Together by our Love for Science

Once at Elio, Your success becomes our goal
With Elio Academy, we strive to make an online platform the connects peers across continents and countries, thereby opening another dimension of networking for collaboration projects.

With Live Classes by Silicon Valley based instructors, students will have access to personalized guidance. They can also request for one on one or group meetings with mentors to get their questions answered.
  • Foster the real-world skills and experiences needed to succeed in professional bioscience careers
  • Connect students to professional scientists who understand how to inspire, guide and prepare future scientists
  • Promote equal access to bio-medical science education for students of all socioeconomic backgrounds and provide best career guidance
  • Expose students to the hands-on, social and professional skills needed for successful tenure at school, college, internships and professional biomedical employment

Future Biomedical Professionals Group

Learn from current Biomedical Professionals! Network with your peers.

Get access to handpicked opportunities and resources!

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