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Passion for BioMed
Curious about your interest biology & medicine or want to take deeper dive into your passion.
Expert Instructors
Learn from scientists, doctors, and professionals who are passionate and best at what they do.
Network Support
Join our unique alumni community, instructors, and fellow students who traveled your path before.
Path Guidance
Get career advice and planning with our instructors. We answer your questions from our rich experience.
Elio Academy offers different courses throughout the year for students interested in Biology. Our programs are designed to be challenging for a rewarding academic experience. Dive into the forefront of Biology and Medical Sciences under the guidance of leading experts from diverse fields.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of biology and medicine, tackling real-world challenges alongside industry professionals. Uncover the boundless possibilities and challenges within biomedical sciences.

Learn, Engage, Network, & Collaborate With Peers

Designed for talented school students, across the world.
Early exposure provides a glimpse into the subject and the expansive scope of the field. Prior knowledge becomes your valuable head start, enabling you to meticulously plan and prepare for your aspirations.

The realm of biomedical sciences opens doors to a myriad of career possibilities – from Medical Researcher and Research Scientist to Pathologist, Geneticist, Scientific Journalist, Physiotherapist, and beyond. This dynamic field offers diverse paths for those are passionate about learning and making an impact.

Past Experiences

What Our Students Say


Elio Academy has been a part of my life for the past two years, and I am so grateful for all of the opportunities in biomedical research that it has given me. I participated in a summer program for two weeks in 2022, and I am part of the Extended Fall Research Program in 2023. Both programs have taught me so much, and enhanced my knowledge of biomedical research. The instructors are engaging, accommodating, and helpful, and the overall program is extremely informative and just a really amazing opportunity. I highly recommend this program, as it has helped me scientifically in many ways, and forced me to think and ask questions. Elio Academy has shaped me as a scientist, student, and researcher, and I cherish and appreciate everything that it has given me.

Neerja Bathla

Keystone School, San Antonio

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the instructors?
  • Our instructors are PhD/MD/DMD from top universities, and have years of experience delivering complex concepts to relatively young students.
  • They hold publication track record form Industry and academia, and and serve as real-life role models for the students.
Foundation or Accelerator - Which of the tracks is better for me?
  • Foundational tracks courses are introductory programs with 2hr/day for 2 weeks whereas accelerator track programs are advanced and immersive and dealing with the subject in depth. Our accelerator track programs include pre-med and college-level curriculum.
  • Many of the accelerator track students pursue delving deeper into a specific topic of interest via Extended Research Program (ERP).
What is the difference between your commuter and online programs? We might not be ready for in-person camp yet.
  • Our commuter and online programs share the same course curriculum, instructors, and quizzes. The main difference between the two programs is the project. In the online course, the focus is on guided research with the instructor, whereas in the commuter program, students learn about various lab-based techniques and experiments.
  • Both online and commuter courses ensure a customized curriculum around the topics the students want to learn, with very able and inspiring Instructors.
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