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Extended Research 2024 Courses

Extended Research Courses

Spend this term learning what sets you apart

We Bring To You

Biomed Experts as Instructors
Learn from scientists, doctors, and professionals who are passionate and best at what they do.
Network Support
Join a unique community of our alumni, instructors, and fellow students who traveled your path before you. Let’s get you there!
Career Guidance
Get career advice and planning with our instructors. We answer your questions from experience and current knowledge.

Head Start in College Applications and Career Choices

Early exposure can give you a taste of the subject and scope of the field.
Prior knowledge can give you a headstart and thereby you can plan and prepare for your aspirations early on.
Biomedical sciences field is booming with career options Medical Researcher, Research Scientist, Pathologist, Geneticist, Scientific Journalist, Physiotherapist etc. to name a few.

Your question is not 'just a question'
Behind lies wonder & perhaps
Unbound Interest!

Elio programs are not just designed for academic excellence, with online or oncampus courses we lead you to the path of discovery & self-learning.

Past Experiences

What Our Students Say


Participating in this course has been a fantastic experience. I would like to thank you very much for the instruction throughout these weeks, without a doubt a wonderful teacher. The lectures were never boring and you could easily understand everything no matter how difficult the topics were. This program is more than useful for students interested in the world of science. This program is very beneficial, I definitely recommend it!

Francesca Chevarria Gomez

Peruvian-German School

Future Biomedical Professionals Group

Learn from current Biomedical Professionals! Network with your peers.

Get access to handpicked opportunities and resources!

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