Applications & Selection Procedure

We believe in providing high-quality education, and therefore only 30 students are selected for each course across the world.


Age: 14-18 years. Students aspiring for a career in Medicine or biomedical field. We recommend our courses for high school students as the topics are very relevant extensions to biology and AP biology that they learn as part of their school curriculum.
We do accept some exceptional middle school students who are motivated and driven. Therefore we emphasise, tell us your story and about your interest in your statement of purpose.
No prior coursework required: Our highly experienced instructors introduce the topics before diving into complexity of subjects.

Application Process

  • Your personal information
  • Statement of Purpose
  • One letter of recommendation
  • Current transcripts or grades (verified if the student is selected)
Our instructors will evaluate the applications and select about 30 students for their respective courses. We will reach out to the accepted students for further on-boarding process towards respective courses. We accept applications on a rolling basis and the committee awards early admit to selected students. The sooner students apply, the better their chances of acceptance.
If you apply for more than one course, please rank your preference clearly in the form and statement of purpose.

Important Dates

Start your application now by filling out the form below.The application for Summer 2024 will close soon. Letters of recommendation will be accepted up to two weeks after the deadline. For specific course dates within a program, please refer to the Track details. For inquiries about vacancies and the waitlist, email Elio Support at High-achieving, and academically inclined students are encouraged to apply.
Courses open for summer 2024:
Genetics, Genomics and Cancer Biology
Biomedical Data Science

Tuition and Fees

Cancellation & Refund: Refer frequently asked questions (FAQs) section below


  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Achievers and winners of the workshop project stand to get recommendation letters from our distinguished mentors.
  • Long term projects for outstanding students.


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Application Fees $29

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I attend ELIO?
  • Our goal at Elio is to bring you knowledge from most current topics and breakthroughs from the biomedical field in an understandable way. Such current topics fuel the next few decades of development, career trajectory, research, and development. Early exposure and strong basics can put you on the path of learning and discovery for a successful career.
  • The courses are available to be taken online, which gives the flexibility and ease of not having to relocate to the bay area for a short duration
  • Courses taught by practicing professionals for the next generation of Biomedical professionals.
  • With hands-on experience with tools for data analysis, you gain valuable job experience. You will have a jump-start to your college peers.
What is the application process to get selected?
  • We believe in providing high-quality education, and therefore we select only 50 students for each course across the world. We encourage prospective students to apply by the deadline.
  • We evaluate the applications based on the statement of purpose, grades and the letter of recommendation and intimate the students as their applications get processed.
  • For more information contact us at
Who are the instructors?
  • Our instructors are PhD/MD/DMD from top universities, and have years of experience delivering complex concepts to relatively young students.
  • They hold publication track record form Industry and academia, and and serve as real-life role models for the students.
Who is eligible to attend?
  • Age: 14-18 years. We recommend the courses for high school students as the topics are very relevant extensions to biology and AP biology that they learn as part of their school curriculum.
  • However, we do accept some exceptional middle school students who are motivated and driven. Therefore we emphasise, tell us your story and about your interest in your statement of purpose!
Foundation or Accelerator - Which of the tracks is better for me?
  • Foundational tracks courses are introductory programs with 2hr/day for 2 weeks whereas accelerator track programs are advanced and immersive and dealing with the subject in depth. Our accelerator track programs include pre-med and college-level curriculum.
  • Many of the accelerator track students pursue delving deeper into a specific topic of interest via Extended Research Program (ERP).
Where will the workshops be conducted?
  • In the current academic year, we are offering advanced courses online, so student can learn from anywhere.
  • Students will gain hands-on guided training for bioinformatics tools, sections of Molecular Medicine, Cancer biology and Data Science course.
  • The logistical arrangements for the commuter students will be communicated to them via email.
Are scholarships available?
  • We offer merit-based scholarships every year to students with outstanding academic records and referral. Fees will be waived for a few bright motivated students in each course from accepted students. The decision of our admissions committee is final.
  • Students have to complete the online application form, and go through the same application-review process as all students, before they can avail scholarship.
  • We support a major fraction of our economically deserving students with tuition waivers to cover their course fees in part or entirely. To support your scholarship request, we ask for additional finance documents and recommendation.
What is the difference between your commuter and online programs? We might not be ready for in-person camp yet.
  • Our commuter and online programs share the same course curriculum, instructors, and quizzes. The main difference between the two programs is the project. In the online course, the focus is on guided research with the instructor, whereas in the commuter program, students learn about various lab-based techniques and experiments.
  • Both online and commuter courses ensure a customized curriculum around the topics the students want to learn, with very able and inspiring Instructors.
What will be the academic schedule during workshops?
  • Online course for- 2 weeks and 6 hours/day. Final presentation of the project.
  • Daily discussion and open-sessions to answer any followup questions and/or make progress on projects.
  • The sessions are split into three segments, with ample time for lunch-break and between recess.
Is there a registration fee?
  • Each successful form submission is required to pay a one-time registration fee of $29 (USD).
  • This fee is mandatory and non-refundable. It is accounted toward registering you in Elio Network, and processing your application by the selection committee.
  • Registration allows you to access selected academic resources and connect with our mentors.
Can I reschedule my course program to another batch?
  • We are happy to move you into any batch of your preference if there is availability. Generally, we do not encourage changing program dates as it can deviate students from our learning schedule. We start to send study material, and put students on learning-path well before the scheduled program begins.
  • We allow only 'one' change in the allotted batch or course upon request of students/parents. Any repeated requests to change will not be considered.
What is your cancellation and refund policy?
  • Refunds will be given for requests submitted at least three weeks prior to the start of the workshop. We will deduct 15% fee for administrative processing, online private account and taxes. For cancellation requests made within three weeks or less of the workshop start date, no refund will be given except for medical reasons, which a physician must document in writing. No refund will be given to requests regarding cancellation of enrollment during the workshop, except for medical reasons confirmed by a physician.
  • Reasons: As mentioned in our selection process section, we take efforts and time to select our students from the pool of applicants, your timely cancellation can help some other students get the chance to be part of the course. Late cancellation is a vacant spot that another student could have utilized. We create private learning accounts for all our students much before the camp starts for foundational preparations of the course.

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