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Team and Mentors

Biomedical professionals with decades of work and teaching experience.

Our instructors are U.S based group of Biomedical career professionals, ranging from Research Scientists, Medical Doctors, Geneticists, Pharmacologists who have navigated the maze of options, challenges to achieve success in their own respective careers and paths.

Apart from being excellent at what they do, our mentors are also passionate about teaching and creating the next generation of healthcare leaders.

We strive to provide a unique learning experience where students connect to their peers worldwide.

Our instructors from different segments of the biomedical industry provide a glimpse into other professions career opportunities ahead of high school years.

Our infrastructure provides avenues of mutual learning, projects & research in collaborative spaces.

Passion for what we do brings us all together under the umbrella of Elio Academy of Biomedical Sciences and we aspire to put you on your own journey of learning and eventual success.

Tied Together by our Love for Science

Once at Elio, Your success becomes our goal
With Elio Academy, we strive to make an online platform the connects peers across continents and countries, thereby opening another dimension of networking for collaboration projects.

Live Classes by Silicon Valley based Instructors

Students will have access to personalized guidance and can request for one on one or group meetings with mentors to get their questions answered. Your success is our goal.
  • Experts with Ph.D, M.D and Pharm.D degrees.
  • More than 10 years of experience individually in their respective fields and careers.
  • Apart from being excellent at what they do, also are passionate about teaching.
  • Our instructors are 100% USA-based employees
  • Meticulous background and reference checks
  • Along comes the network of Alumni who have walked your path with us in the past, their experience and relatable answers can help you answer some of your own questions.

You can also reach us at support@elioacademy.org

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