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Science behind the nervous system that is responsible for learning, memory, perception & behavior


The course provides a comprehensive overview of cellular and molecular Neuroscience. We introduce core concepts and advances in the field of cognitive, behavioral, computational, and quantitative neuroscience. Recent developments in the field have provided new dimensions to study various aspects of neuroscience. Computational skills are increasingly required to understand the complex biology that can explain vast amounts of data generated via neural signals. We further focus on various neurological and neurodegenerative disorders that affect the brain, nerves, and spinal cord.


  • Cellular & Molecular Memory
  • Learning, Encoding, Retrieval and Discrimination of memories
  • Perception, decision-making and cognitive development
  • The Mysteries of Sleep
  • Toward the Molecular Substrate for "Sleepiness"
  • Introduction to systems and computational neuroscience
  • Neuronal Mechanisms of Value-Based Decision-Making
  • A Brain-Machine Interface Approach
  • Neurological/psychiatric disease mechanisms.

Introduce topics & technologies like

  • Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Behavioral studies.
  • Pain
  • Neuromodulators
  • Neuroscience of psychedelics
  • Aging
Career counseling about an increasingly wide range of available careers, including research (academic & Pharmaceutical company based), teaching, Medical practitioners, to name a few.
We will further discuss new career profiles in the field of neurology and neurosciences with industry professionals.