What Our Recent Alumni Students & Parents Say About Us.

Elio Academy has been a part of my life for the past two years, and I am so grateful for all of the opportunities in biomedical research that it has given me. I participated in a summer program for two weeks in 2022, and I am part of the Extended Fall Research Program in 2023. Both programs have taught me so much, and enhanced my knowledge of biomedical research. The instructors are engaging, accommodating, and helpful, and the overall program is extremely informative and just a really amazing opportunity. I highly recommend this program, as it has helped me scientifically in many ways, and forced me to think and ask questions. Elio Academy has shaped me as a scientist, student, and researcher, and I cherish and appreciate everything that it has given me.

Neerja Bathla

Keystone School, San Antonio


Participating in this course has been a fantastic experience. I would like to thank you very much for the instruction throughout these weeks, without a doubt a wonderful teacher. The lectures were never boring and you could easily understand everything no matter how difficult the topics were. This program is more than useful for students interested in the world of science. This program is very beneficial, I definitely recommend it!

Francesca Chevarria Gomez

Peruvian-German School


At Elio, I enrolled in the neuroscience course, not fully knowing if it was for me. Coming from Romania, where I never had the chance to choose my subjects, this was a huge leap. What an experience it's been! In just three months, my knowledge has grown immensely. I've learned about complex topics like stellate ganglion blocks and solutions for Anosmia – stuff I'd never even heard of. The best part? My advisor. Despite being 10 hours apart, they're always available, never letting the distance hinder our communication. They believe in my research, think it has the potential to be published, and their encouragement is unmatched. It's not just a course; it's a transformation. For anyone considering it, this might be the best decision you'll make.

Serban Matei Mihai

EF Academy New York


In terms of the course format, each session provides the opportunity for one-on-one discussions with the mentor, allowing for learning and problem-solving. In terms of content, this time I engaged in research on HBV-related HCC, I gained a more comprehensive understanding of this common disease and learned about the most cutting-edge treatment methods. The biggest takeaway from this project for me is the accumulation of experience in reading and writing comprehensive reviews. I believe this will greatly benefit my college studies.

Weiran Yu

Ambassador High School


Elio Academy gives early exposure to biomedical science, it gives an idea of how to utilize the knowledge gained in class, in the current field of science. During the program, I truly enjoyed every single lecture, especially the hands-on exercise on so many different databases. The instructors are very supportive and ready to help you at any point.

Iman Ali

Galaxy International School


Elio Academy is a great program to take if you are interested in the science field. The instructor is amazing and very helpful in guiding you in the process and to learn! But if you are not sure in science and medical field, and just want to see what Elio is like, it is still very useful in helping develop and strengthen research skills.

Matthew Liang

Troy High School


I took the genetics, genomics, and cancer biology course over the summer, and it was an awesome experience! This course was fully online, and at the end we wrote our own reports and created a poster. I had taken some courses on similar topics in the past, but background knowledge of the topics was not necessary and I still learned new things. There was also lots of hands on learning along with the lectures. I recommend this course to anyone who enjoys genetics, and I would definitely consider taking more courses with Elio.

Annika Thakur

Oak Park High School


I took the Genomics Summer Course at Elio Academy of Biomedical Sciences, and it has been one of my favorite high school programs. I definitely recommend this course to anyone passionate about molecular biology/genetics, cancer biology, bioinformatics, etc. The morning lectures are extremely informative and helpful for our project reports. In the afternoon, we would use the information we learned to formulate our report. Creating a project report is the best part of this course. Overall, I would say this course is for anyone wanting to shine in the biomedical field.

Kirthi Gopinath

Mission San Jose High School


Every single day the class hits the ground running with a planned out curriculum, while also managing to always answer any questions anyone has. The classes were a great introduction to the Genetics & Genomics field, and the resources they provide the students are extremely beneficial (You get to keep all the tools afterwards as well). Elio is very friendly, and if you have the motivation to log on every single day of the course, you will learn a lot.

Ryan Cortenbach

Coral Academy of Science


I truly enjoyed working with an amazing team such as Elio Academy of Biomedical Sciences. Throughout their course, I was able to gain a lot of knowledge on interesting topics. The topics that are taught throughout the course are truly helpful when it comes to writing the research. The program offers flexibility with your research topic and assistance when writing your research. This program is fantastic for anyone who wants to discover more aspects of science. The program is great for middleschoolars, highschoolars, college students, and more since the topics that are taught meet all ages.

Mary Hakim

La Serna High School


I participated in the online summer camp program, and it was the best program that I ever participated in. It worth staying awake the whole night for me. Everyone was so kind and passionate, and I was able to realized that I really want biomedical research for my future career :)

MinJi Seo

Harbin Wangbang School


Learning this course has been a life changing experience for me and many of the other future scientists. The course that she taught, called Molecular Cancer Biology and Bioinformatics was a relevant course that helped with many of my other courses, both in school and out of school. Not only was there a balanced amount of information, but she taught it in a manner that can be easily remembered and retained, and most importantly, is fun to listen to and think about. Instructors are a pleasure to work with and they always strive to do the most for their students and help them even outside of the course.

Leo Hernandez

Austria (Europe)


I joined this program to hopefully learn and further my understandings of Biological Concepts, and it did not disappoint. I had a great time in this program! The instructor was not only kind and friendly, but introduced us to many different ideas and topics in the medical field. My classmates made the class feel very interactive! Overall, I do recommend you consider this program as a start or broaden your understandings on Biomedical Sciences.

Margarita Cham

Chinese International School


I've learned a plethora of tools in immunology. These opportunities of learning have contributed so much to my interest in biology and opened my eyes to the status quo of the medical world. The program consists of presentations, introductions to databases, and discussions of possible medical pathways for the students. Elio has great instructors for this course. Every day, she made sure to have the learning material cater to us and accommodate our needs and level of understanding. My instructor was very passionate about answering all the students' questions and made sure to inform us about other opportunities that were available to us. This program was a highly beneficial course that I would definitely return to and recommend

Mona Kim



Overall, I would recommend courses here to other premed students or academically driven students, however I would recommend previous knowledge in the chosen field (ie having taken previous classes such as AP Biology). The concepts of the course are communicated. the examples/case-studies/illustrations used in the class improved the learning experience, and the class was fast paced and highly informational. I wish there was more information given about the final project, specifically towards those who had not yet written official research papers, but it was a great opportunity/experience overall. I would highly recommend for those who wish to peruse a career in biomedicine as the course was highly informative and stimulated curiosity.

Chance White

St. Ignatius College


Learned from wonderful teachers who are experienced in the field of Biomedical Sciences. During my time in her lectures, she was thorough and able to explain complex topics to high schoolers with ease. She is capable of understanding and answering questions efficiently so that everyone can comprehend. Whenever I had questions or concerns, she guided me and gave me a helping hand in whatever I was confused about. I have experienced her enthusiasm firsthand and know that she is truly invested in helping students to excel. Her experience in Biomedical Sciences makes her a valuable resource and her kind, respectful, and empathetic personality makes her an even more valuable mentor.

Kelly Wilson


I wanted to sincerely thank you for the past two weeks of instruction and beyond that, your support and willingness you displayed to teach us these concepts! I truly learned so much about concepts that I would never have even thought about and really appreciate how you gave us time to ask questions to further understand these concepts and even were willing to make new slideshows to help clarify something or make something that we were also interested in. Keeping such an attentive class during these unprecedented times is a difficult task that you were able to successful overcome and conquer completely, so thank you!

Sam Thompson

San Jose, California


Fantastic teachers. I attended the course over the summer and I learned so much information I wouldn’t have learned otherwise in the classroom. The presentations are well designed and contains advanced topics. She is very patient and answers every question the student has, no matter basic or sophisticated. In addition to the course materials, she is always happy to share insights of what the career of an academic researcher is like. I want to be a researcher, and needless to say she had built a strong foundation for my future.

Jiang Edward