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Clarice K, West Ranch High, CA

I've learned a plethora of tools in immunology. These opportunities of learning have contributed so much to my interest in biology and opened my eyes to the status quo of the medical world. The program consists of presentations, introductions to databases, and discussions of possible medical pathways for the students. Dr. Juhi Ohja was a great instructor for this course. Every day, she made sure to have the learning material cater to us and accommodate our needs and level of understanding. Dr. Ojha was very passionate about answering all the students' questions and made sure to inform us about other opportunities that were available to us. This program was a highly beneficial course that I would definitely return to and recommend

Isabelle Li, CA

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the class. Everything she taught was informative and clearly conveyed. I especially liked how she emphasized the modern applications of various topics as well as useful tools to use for bioinformatics. Her class helped me reaffirm my choice to pursue a STEM career.

Mounami Kayitha

Learned from wonderful teachers who are experienced in the field of Biomedical Sciences. During my time in her lectures, she was thorough and able to explain complex topics to high schoolers with ease. She is capable of understanding and answering questions efficiently so that everyone can comprehend. Whenever I had questions or concerns, she guided me and gave me a helping hand in whatever I was confused about. I have experienced her enthusiasm firsthand and know that she is truly invested in helping students to excel. Her experience in Biomedical Sciences makes her a valuable resource and her kind, respectful, and empathetic personality makes her an even more valuable mentor.

Leon Engleman, Bosnia (Europe)

Learning this course has been a life changing experience for me and many of the other future scientists. The course that she taught, called Molecular Cancer Biology and Bioinformatics was a relevant course that helped with many of my other courses, both in school and out of school. Not only was there a balanced amount of information, but she taught it in a manner that can be easily remembered and retained, and most importantly, is fun to listen to and think about. The course was not only useful for students who wish to practice something in biology in the future, but it was also very useful for shaping our thinking process into a very useful way which can be used in any field. Juhi is a pleasure to work with and she always strives to do the most for her students and to help them even outside of the course.

Jiang L, Wellington High, Ohio

Fantastic teacher. I attended the course over the summer and I learned so much information I wouldn’t have learned otherwise in the classroom. The presentations are well designed and contains advanced topics. She is very patient and answers every question the student has, no matter basic or sophisticated. In addition to the course materials, she is always happy to share insights of what the career of an academic researcher is like. I want to be a researcher, and needless to say she had built a strong foundation for my future.

Cedric Chan, Mills High, CA.

Mentor's knowledge and experience in biomedical sciences is invaluable and they are able to efficiently pass this knowledge onto her students.

Min Joo, San Jose, CA

I wanted to sincerely thank you for the past two weeks of instruction and beyond that, your support and willingness you displayed to teach us these concepts! I truly learned so much about concepts that I would never have even thought about and really appreciate how you gave us time to ask questions to further understand these concepts and even were willing to make new slideshows to help clarify something or make something that we were also interested in. Keeping such an attentive class during these unprecedented times is a difficult task that you were able to successful overcome and conquer completely, so thank you!