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Hit of dopamine sends mice to dreamland!

Types of Sleep

Sleep disorders are very common in our everyday life. During a night’s sleep, people and other animals cycle between phases called non-REM sleep and REM, a sleep stage that usually comes with vivid dreams. However the bigger question is what do those transitions mean and how are they controlled? Understanding these transitions in more detail could ultimately point to ways to treat sleep disorders in people.

What is Dopamine?

As conducting experiments in humans is difficult, such molecular studies are conducted in mice. Dopamine is linked to pleasure , movement and learning among other things. In the mice brain, nerve cells in the ventral tegmental area transfer dopamine to amygdalae which closely controls emotions.

Recent developments

Scientists used sensors to find exactly where and when the dopamine is released when mice are asleep. In this particular study, mice were forced into REM sleep by controlling dopamine-producing nerve cells using lasers and genetic techniques. Just with a flash of light, the nerve cells released dopamine in the amygdale while mice were in non-REM sleep.

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Medical and Biomedical profession

Fields such as genomics, informatics, immunology, biotechnology and cancer biology.

As a high school student, you constantly think about what courses you want to take and how to prepare your college application best to get accepted. Your education and preparation will finally gear you towards your dream career. The key to acceptance in this era of competition is a well-prepared application with all necessary components. It is best to prepare to be able to stand out from your peers or fellow applicants. Early preparation & strategy can give you that edge.

Medicine is a dream career for many. However, the recent advent of technology has broadened the meaning and relevance of Biological sciences. Rapid evolution of the fields of genomics, informatics, immunology, biotechnology and cancer biology have led to ever-increasing career options that are very highly respectable, well paying, providing immense self-satisfaction and recognition.

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High School Senior Summer Internship Program

The High School Senior Summer Internship Program at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center is an eight-week program in which graduating high school seniors work 20 hours per week with a mentor in one of 9 pediatric clinical specialties.

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Clinical Research Continuum: High School to College (CRC) program.

The program has two components: high school students engage in research and enrichment activities; and college students, who are selected alumni of the high school programs, continue to participate in mentored, clinically relevant research experiences.

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