Medical Chemistry

Explore chemistry within the context of a biology, science, medicine, engineering, math and computer focus
The Biomedical Chemistry introductory course is specifically designed for motivated students interested in exploring the intersections of chemistry and biology within the broader context of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and computer studies.
Chemistry is the silent Architect of medicine
Chemistry plays a crucial role in maintaining human body health and understanding various diseases. The body operates as a complex system of biochemical reactions, where various compounds and molecules undergo chemical transformations. These reactions are fundamental to processes such as metabolism, energy production, and the synthesis of essential molecules. This foundational course emphasizes the role of chemistry in cellular function, the regulation of bodily functions, and the specific chemical interactions of medications used to treat medical conditions. The focus will be on how the pervasive and fundamental role of chemistry in the body impacts both health and diseases.
Curriculum: Course Code - FT038
The curriculum encompasses, but is not limited to, the chemistry behind health and disease. Specifically program delves into biochemical processes, cellular functions, molecular basis of diseases, drug design, pharmacology principles, toxicology, personalized medicine, drug development, and the understanding of adverse reactions. Real-life case studies and projects enhance understanding the convergence of chemistry & medicine.
Interactive sessions to enhance engagement and understanding of
  • Introduction to Biomedical chemistry
  • Principles of Pharmacology
  • Cellular functions
  • Biochemical processes
  • Nutrient processing
  • Therapeutic agents, Drug interactions
  • Emerging trends in medicinal chemistry (AI in drug discovery, design and personalized medicine)
This program offers an opportunity to highly motivated students to explore their academic interests through live interactive lectures, seminars, group discussions, and quizzes. Further, program serves as a foundational course for students interested in taking advanced courses during high school and exploring related health care career options.
Students engage in a project aligned with class topics, actively encouraged to select real-life examples in Biomedical Chemistry. This approach promotes a profound exploration of various concepts discussed in the class. Students demonstrate their learnings by presenting their findings through comprehensive reports or presentations, showcasing their adeptness in comprehending and synthesizing information.
Several of our alumni students have extended their research endeavors beyond the course and have showcased their work at various research platforms and scientific fairs. This reflects the success of our program in nurturing a passion for scientific inquiry and providing students with the skills and knowledge to contribute meaningfully to ongoing research efforts.

Activities & Credits

Learn to draft scientific write-ups with clear and convincing narratives.
Outstanding students also get opportunities for long-term projects with mentors.
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