Medical Genetics

Explore genetics within the context of a biology, science, medicine, engineering, math and computer focus
Medical Genetics explores the impact of genetic variations on health and disease. This interdisciplinary field integrates molecular biology, genomics, and clinical medicine.
DNA to Genes, Health & Disease
With advancements in genomic medicine, medical genetics plays a pivotal role in understanding, preventing, and managing genetic disorders. This introductory course provides a foundation for students to navigate the complexities of human genetics, emphasizing its significance in contemporary healthcare practices.
Curriculum: Course Code - FT037
The Medical Genetics curriculum encompasses foundational genetics principles, molecular biology, and advanced genomic technologies. Exploration of Mendelian disorders includes in-depth genetic counseling. Multifactorial inheritance and genomic medicine applications prepare students for the integration of genomics into medical practice. Concepts of genetic testing, diagnostics, and molecular techniques in Specialized areas, such as prenatal and reproductive genetics, oncology, and pediatric and adult genetics.
Interactive sessions to enhance engagement and understanding of
  • Foundation in essential genetic principles
  • Principles of Molecular biology and genomics
  • Clinical cytogenetics
  • Mendelian disorders and genetic counseling basics
  • Genomic medicine applications
  • Genetic testing and diagnostics
  • Ethical considerations in medical genetics
  • Prenatal and reproductive genetics
  • Genetics in oncology
  • Public health and technologies(for prediction, diagnosis and therapy)
This program offers an opportunity to highly motivated students to explore their academic interests through live interactive lectures, seminars, group discussions, and quizzes. Further, program serves as a foundational course for students interested in taking advanced courses during high school and exploring related health care career options.
Students have the opportunity to select a topic of their choice from any of the subjects covered in the course. Our instructors collaborate with students to help them identify pertinent scientific literature, enabling them to pinpoint relevant topics for deeper research and exploration. Through our unique and robust infrastructure, we provide a broad spectrum of resources, fostering collaboration among students as they engage in their projects.
Several of our alumni students have extended their research endeavors beyond the course and have showcased their work at various research platforms and scientific fairs. This reflects the success of our program in nurturing a passion for scientific inquiry and providing students with the skills and knowledge to contribute meaningfully to ongoing research efforts.

Activities & Credits

Learn to draft scientific write-ups with clear and convincing narratives.
Outstanding students also get opportunities for long-term projects with mentors.
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