Advanced Pre-College Biomedical Summer Program

We provide advanced pre-college biomedical summer program in a comprehensive way that fulfills all student requirements. For more information, visit our website.


This advanced pre-college biomedical summer program is designed to expose aspects of biomedical sciences under rapid development. This course provides a unique opportunity to the medical school- aspirants to learn and prime for the path forward to pre-med classes during their undergraduate studies.
  • Molecular cell biology & Cancer biology
  • Genetics, Data Science & Bioinformatics
  • Immunology & Immunotherapy
Every week, course work focuses on one of the above-mentioned subjects. Lectures and course work are diligently prepared to provide basics and thereby delve into the complexities of the diseases and ongoing research. Thereby we bridge and provide exposure to the current direction of medical practice and research. This unique course also provides students an appreciation of how genetics, cell behavior, and immune system orchestrate the state of well-being or disease condition.

Capstone Project

In the last week of the course, students work on a topic of their choosing from any of the 3 topics taught in the course. Some highly motivated students have encompassed the spirit of the system into their project and have covered genetic, molecular and immunological aspects of various diseases. Our instructors work with students to help them identify relevant scientific literature to form valid hypotheses. We provide a wide range of resources via our unique and robust infrastructure where students can collaborate and work on their projects. We train our students in creative approaches to scientifically validate their hypothesis and arrive at a final conclusion.

Brainstorm sessions for research aspirants

At the end of the each day, our instructors meet with groups to brainstorm their approach, hypothesis and possible path forward to successfully complete their project. Students are supported to have a poster/talk/white paper as deliverables with conclusion of this advanced pre-college biomedical summer program.


  • Inheritance, mutations and genetic disease
  • Multi-omics studies to understand the cell state
  • What is sequencing, technology and preliminary data analysis
  • Mutagenesis and oncogenesis
  • Diagnosis
  • Cancer therapy
  • Understand the components and coordination of Innate and Adaptive immune systems to fight pathogens/disease
  • Learn mechanisms of faltering immune system leading to immune disorders and autoimmunity
  • Immunotherapy

Introduction to following topics & technologies

  • Types of immune cells
  • Innate and Adaptive immunity
  • Genetic sequencing
  • RNA sequencing
  • Flow cytometry
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Hematoxylin and eosin staining of tissue slide
This pre-college biomedical summer program also gives access to career counselling about an increasingly wide range of available careers, including research(academic & Pharmaceutical company based), teaching, Medical practitioners to name a few.

Activities & Credits

Poster Making
Students learn to make high quality science posters & hone their presentation skills.
Learn to draft scientific write-ups with clear and convincing narratives.
Outstanding students also get opportunities for long-term projects with mentors.

Future Biomedical Professionals Group

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