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Biomedical Online Summer Courses

Top courses that will set you apart from your peers.
Courses are designed to provide the students with in-depth knowledge in the subject of their choosing. Our online course offering provides an opportunity to attend the program from anywhere in the world without traveling to San francisco, CA. Last year, our biomedical summer research programs were attended by high-school students from almost all states in the US and across three continents.
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2-week courses comprise of four components


No prior AP biology or advanced knowledge is required. We start our biomedical summer research programs by introducing the basic concepts required for the comprehension of the rest of the course.

Guided Group discussions

We teach you by discussion. We discuss literature and publications in groups. We teach how to identify the core question and pursue the solution in a systematic and scientific way. We also help secure long-term biomedical internships for high-school students.

One-on-one meetings with Instructors

Explore potential college majors and elective subjects with our instructors for your potential career options. They are happy to chat with you about your future plans. You can start building your college portfolio early by learning and developing a deeper understanding of complex advanced subjects.

Capstone project

Towards the later part of the program, students will be working on a project (either alone or in groups of three). Our unique infrastructure is built to host a galore of tools carefully curated and put together for our students. We train our students in creative approaches to scientifically investigate a question through literature and scientific tools.
By the conclusion of this biomedical summer research program, students will have a good understanding and exposure to diverse fields of biomedical sciences. With the provided resources and continued support of our mentors, students will pursue their interests and learn during their school year. Our past students have found the course helpful in crystalizing their path forward in college/career via long term biomedical internships for high-school students.
Lastly, as a part of this nurturing community - Our students will have access to all our instructors, alumni, and fellow students to discuss and ask questions long after the course completion.

Be curious. Knowledge can change your world.

We at ELIO believe in setting you on your career path by planting that seed of knowledge and curiosity.

Past Experiences

What Our Students Say

Clarice K
West Ranch High, California

“I've learned a plethora of tools in immunology. These opportunities of learning have contributed so much to my interest in biology and opened my eyes to the status quo of the medical world. The program consists of presentations, introductions to databases, and discussions of possible medical pathways for the students. Dr. Juhi Ohja was a great instructor for this course. Every day, she made sure to have the learning material cater to us and accommodate our needs and level of understanding. Dr. Ojha was very passionate about answering all the students' questions and made sure to inform us about other opportunities that were available to us. This program was a highly beneficial course that I would definitely return to and recommend”


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