Careers in Healthcare Sciences

Workshop for students excited about careers in biology and medical sciences.

Students will learn about ever-growing exciting careers in the field of Medicine and research.
Engage and interact with practicing healthcare providers, scientists, technologists, and professionals.
Student will appreciate how research, technology, and innovation have enabled unprecedented possibilities and careers in healthcare and biomedical science.


This is a two-days workshop. Sessions will be held from 9AM to 5PM with lunch break in between on all 2 days. Accepted students are expected to participate all the days to receive the completion credits and certificates.
Where: Online
  • May 27th - May 29th
  • June 17th - June 19th
  • July 1st - July 3rd
  • July 29th - Aug 1st


Day 1:
  • AM: Overview of Careers in Healthcare and Biomedical Sciences
    Biomedical Aptitude test
  • PM – Students learn about the exciting branches of sciences such as Genetic counseling, health informatics, diagnostics, regulatory science & policymaking, Sustainability, and feasibility, to name a few.
  • Guidance for scientific writing
Day 2:
  • Meet your mentor
  • Interact with panel of distinguished professionals present and engagement with the students. This year we have Healthcare provider, Data Scientist, Cancer Research scientist, Physiologist, Pharmaceutical professional, Neuroscientists and Biotechnologist on our panel.
  • Expert speakers give a 30 min presentation or talk followed by Q&As.
  • In the past this event has been a great gateway for students to connect and learn from these mentors
  • Advanced College Level course - Introduction to Molecular Medicine, Cancer Biology, Immunology & Neuroscience
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Activities & Credits

Poster Making
Students learn to make high quality science posters & hone their presentation skills.
Learn to draft scientific write-ups with clear and convincing narratives.
Outstanding students also get opportunities for long-term projects with mentors.

Application Process

Applications are open now. To apply, please complete the online form along with recommendation letter.
Limited scholarship available for financially deserving students.

Be curious. Knowledge can change your world.

We at ELIO believe in setting you on your career path by planting that seed of knowledge and curiosity.

Past Experiences

What Our Students Say


Elio Academy has been a part of my life for the past two years, and I am so grateful for all of the opportunities in biomedical research that it has given me. I participated in a summer program for two weeks in 2022, and I am part of the Extended Fall Research Program in 2023. Both programs have taught me so much, and enhanced my knowledge of biomedical research. The instructors are engaging, accommodating, and helpful, and the overall program is extremely informative and just a really amazing opportunity. I highly recommend this program, as it has helped me scientifically in many ways, and forced me to think and ask questions. Elio Academy has shaped me as a scientist, student, and researcher, and I cherish and appreciate everything that it has given me.

Neerja Bathla

Keystone School, San Antonio


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